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Alex B.
UTC+02:00 (Europe/Kiev)
Senior Unity & Unreal 3D Developer, experience in building a patient management platform for a healthcare project and edtech products
Alex has more than 10 years of experience with 3D programming. His knowledge goes far beyond knowing just one programming language. He is very skilled at C# and C++ and has certain skills in Java, Objective-C. This helps him in the creation of the different type of plugins and extension for all modern Engines. He has deep knowledge and understanding of OpenGL And DirectX approaches. Using all these knowledge, Alex successfully created a large variety of projects based on other engines: Irrlicht, Ogre, CryEngine, Unity and Unreal Engine. Today, most experience Alex has using Unity, and he has done a few projects using the Unreal Engine. Alex has a clear understanding of: • Unity app and game development; • UE game development; • AR/VR apps; • Shaders development; • Scene system and objects optimization; • Multiplatform development. A few years ago he successfully finished Unity certification and became a certified Unity developer.