Serhii I.

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Serhii I.
Last update: 24 May 2019
ARCHITECT /team lead
Senior Full-stack JS Engineer with about 7 years of IT experience and great communication skills.
✅JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML, CSS
✅AngularJS, Angular 5, React, Redux, RxJS, ORM, Polymer, WebPack, Gulp, Mocha,
Jasmine, Charles
✅NodeJS, Express, MongoDB, Mongoose, Docker, AWS Lambda, RabbitMQ,
✅ WebSockets
✅ Technical Writing
✅ Graphic Design
✅ Technical Documentation - Linux
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20% discount on yearly basis
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GMT+2 East Europe
London, UK / Lviv, Ukraine

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London, UK / Lviv, Ukraine


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ELITEX is a custom software development company with expertise in Javascript ( Node.JS, Angular, React) and building dedicated development teams. We have worked with various companies, middle-size businesses and the startups, therefore we have an understanding of different management systems and operation flows inside each type of the company. We build a relationship with our clients and partners based on truth and honesty and will not try to sell you our services if we feel they are useless for you. We will try to help you only where and when you really need it. And our happy customers approve that!