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Valerii H.
Last update: 19 May 2019
Front-End Developer | JavaScript | React.js | Node.js | Laravel | PHP
High-skilled Front-End specialist with over 4 years of experience in Web-development. Valerii understands business's needs good and has practical experience in building different high-performance and high-loaded web-applications.
He starts with PHP / Laravel development and now for 3+ years grove as JS specialist.
Has experience with the blockchain and developed smart contracts with Solidity.
All rates are indicative, annual rate includes 10% discount
10% discount on yearly basis
Usually responds within 1 hour
GMT+2 East Europe
Ukraine, Kyiv


Industry Experience

Blockchain & Cryptocurrency, Education & Science, Healthcare & Medicine

Product Experience

Blockchain-based platform, Online projects (online stores/ blogs and banner network/ rest api backend services), educational app, Education website, Healthcare platform


Jan `18 – May `19

1 year

Under NDA (Blockchain)

Team Lead

I got an experience of team leading and code review on this project.

Blockchain project from scratch to MVP. The project was contained from 2 parts: - User part, a simple application where you can buy/sell/chat with support and so on. The complex part was with step-by-step forms / the registration process with many steps with identity verification, phone bindings, etc. - Managerial part, where there was a distribution of roles/accesses/duties/various statistics/dynamic update of all information/chats, etc.

Technologies Stack:

CSS JavaScript React.js HTML Webpack WebSockets Docker Redux Jest Enzyme


Blockchain & Cryptocurrency


Blockchain-based platform

Feb `17 – May `19

2 years

Under NDA (Educational platform)

Full-stack Developer

Educational project based on an API and 3 websites interacting with it. The main purpose was to help students with writing articles, essays. 1st website was duplicated with different discounts/design and contained many satellites that reused that logic. 2d website was developed for the support team, who processed the orders, discount for orders, built-in chat, statistics, etc. 3d website was for order-performers. Project Beck-End was based on Laravel with cache, queues, and a lot more

Technologies Stack:

CSS Express.js JavaScript MongoDB MySQL PHP React.js HTML Laravel Framework Webpack WebSockets Redux SCSS Jest Enzyme


Education & Science


Online projects (online stores/ blogs and banner network/ rest api backend services), educational app, Education website

Sep `16 – May `19

2 years

Under NDA (Healthcare pltfrm)

Full-stack Developer

Big and complex solution for medicine and pharmacy industry. The project with a bunch of landing pages for selling various medical drugs with an admin panel for SEO-optimization and product editing.

Technologies Stack:

CSS JavaScript jQuery PHP HTML Laravel Framework


Healthcare & Medicine


Healthcare platform


Zaporozhye National Technical University

Bachelor Of Computer Science

Zaporozhye Electrotechnical college

Software Development

Python & Javascript Products agency #523

Ukraine, Kyiv


Banking & Finance, Information services & Technologies, Construction & Real estate, Advertising & Marketing, Healthcare & Medicine, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency, Big Data

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