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Artem I.
Last update: 16 May 2019
Front-End Developer
+ 4 years of experience in JavaScript and over 2 years of experience in React, React-Native and related technologies development, and also 1 year in Typescript. Result oriented hard worker with strong problem-solving skills.
All rates are indicative, annual rate includes 20% discount
20% discount on yearly basis
GMT+2 East Europe



Industry Experience

Information services & Technologies, Social Media & Communication

Product Experience

Unified communication tool, Aggregator marketplace, Chat, Api for legacy services


Feb `19 – Apr `19

2 months

Instant communication tool for companies and organisations

React Native Developer

Creating application screens with React-Native; Storing temporary data with MobX; Building application architecture; Working with Native platforms for custom features (Java for Android and Swift for iOS); Building styles with CSS-in-JS.

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A fast and easy to use cross-platform chat with Android and iOS applications.

Technologies Stack:

React.js React Native TypeScript fastlane Mixpanel GitLab TestFlight AppCenter


Information services & Technologies


Unified communication tool

Jan `18 – Feb `19

1 year

Service support application

Front-End Developer

Building interfaces with React components; Working with AWS deployment; Building application architecture; Help mobile developer with complex features.

The application helps people who use company products measure food temperature, submit feedback and result. Also, help customers to use products more comfortable.

Technologies Stack:

AWS Express.js Node.js React.js React Native Git Npm Webpack Redux Swagger Sequelize Yarn

Mar `17 – Dec `17

9 months

Mobile distributed server-less big-data applications

Full Stack Developer, Mobile

Implementing interfaces with React-Native components; Stylization application with dynamic styles; Working with Elasticsearch for quick search.

The app we are building is actually a suite of different apps for companies that own/manage apartment complexes. It will help manage their process for new residents applying for apartments, but it will also be a social media platform where businesses can create special offers for the residents (for example offering 15% off a large pizza if you order in the next 30 minutes).

Technologies Stack:

AWS PostgreSQL React.js React Native Elasticsearch DynamoDB CircleCI Redux Mixpanel Sequelize GraphQL Serverless AWS Lambda


Social Media & Communication


Aggregator marketplace

Dec `16 – Mar `17

3 months

Team chat for company

Full Stack Developer

Working with websockets for real-time chatting; Implementing CRUD for messages; Using React components to create application UI.

SF-based startup company

For registered users portal provides the ability of exchange messages, files and saving all messages history. A user can point favorites messages, create rooms notifications, create public and private chat rooms, search messages in history archive with the special date or on some text pattern, etc.

Technologies Stack:

Express.js Node.js React.js Bootstrap Git MS SQL Server WebSockets


Information services & Technologies




Feb `16 – Nov `16

9 months

Hotel ordering application

Full Stack Developer, Mobile

Creating custom React-Native components; Creating Swagger for BE endpoints documentation; Working with Native modules.

The website was designed for the best user experience in ordering hotel rooms in more than 100 countries. Took part in creating Rest API, user interface, authorization system, and secure layers.

Technologies Stack:

Express.js MySQL Node.js React.js Redis Npm RabbitMQ Webpack Redux Swagger Sequelize

Apr `15 – Oct `15

6 months

API for legacy system

Full Stack Developer

Working with Swagger for BE endpoints documentation; Working with React for creating UI.

Product Company

A portal provides API interfaces for services without API. Takes part in creating API interface for connection legacy system with user-friendly managements console, creating app templates, creating user interface.

Technologies Stack:

Express.js MongoDB Node.js Oracle React.js Git Npm Webpack Redux Swagger Mongoose


Information services & Technologies


Api for legacy services


Kharkiv Computer and Technology College

Junior Specialist

Web & mobile development agency #122

Since 2005 the company has been opening the doors of its tech pool with a customer-oriented approach. A stack of our expertise covers Liferay, Alfresco and Hybris platforms in the row with the web and mobile solutions to fill clients needs. Offering software development and customization services, consulting and quality assurance for both startups at their MVP steps and for enterprises, we keep contributing to the open-source community as well. We have a special offer for professional tech startups as dedicated developers for the team extension. Their bundle of knowledge and skills of both mature and hyped technologies are up for grabs. Our extensive and versatile portfolio covers Healthcare, Media, e‑Commerce, Travel & Local, Financial, Telecommunications, Productivity, IoT and other industries where newly minted ventures can get a chance to prove themselves to the world.


Senior React Native and Mobile Android Developer
Highly proficient in Android/Java/React Native and related technologies development. Specialized at creating a different kind of application. Detail-oriented, exceptional problem-solver with deep anal...
5 Projects completed
GMT+2 East Europe
All rates are indicative, annual rate includes 20% discount
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Updated: 16 May 2019