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Sergii I.
Full-stack JavaScript/PHP Developer
Higher Education Computer Science
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Core technologies

JavaScript 4 years
PHP 4 years
Node.js 1 year
MySQL 5 years
MongoDB 1 year
Java 4 years

Portfolio Highlights

Aug `17 – Jan `19
1 year is a Czech retailer specializing in beauty, health care, and household products

After building the e-commerce platform, we keep in close contact with the client providing frequent updates and recommendations. became a fully-automated trade channel: Integration with Nielsen Brandbank. Payment gateway integrations. A wide variety of discounts and coupons: automatic product-based discounts, order-level discounts, coupon codes and more. Great UX throughout the buyer’s journey. Mobile experience just as good as the desktop experience. Technical SEO-optimization.

Back End Developer

Development of new features for E-commerce portal with over 35k household products for sale.

Sep `17 – Dec `18
1 year

Innmeldt is a consulting agency that advises top Norwegian companies and employees on pensions and insurance.

We built portals and member management system that streamlined the whole consulting process: Information portals for top Norwegian companies where employees can calculate their future pensions using customized formulas. Integrations with Aksio and Norsk Pensjon insurance systems that provide data for calculations. Online editing and invoicing for admins; mass mailing via SMS/email. A Document library that allows visitors to view all the necessary information about pensions in their company.

Full Stack Developer

Full-stack development, retirement, and Insurance calculation for Norway customers accordingly to Norway law. Calculation insurance module. Integration with Norwegian Pension Fund. Integration with third-party services FastVariable, Norsk Pension, Choo platform.

Jun `17 – Jan `18
7 months

The company initially created email signatures on a demand basis as a web design agency

MindK worked closely together to develop a SaaS platform that allows building, managing and deploying personal email signatures, either custom or based on designed, tested and coded HTML templates. It offers a live editor and all the tools necessary to customize signatures for you or your brand anywhere and at any time. 20+ HTML signature templates to satisfy the needs of everybody from a student to a business owner. Intuitive dashboard to manage all your email signatures from one place

Back End Developer

Developing an application for Windows (8.1-10).

Jul `16 – Aug `17
1 year

Harrison Publishing House is a content provider for the construction industry specializing in the plumbing and mechanical segment of the construction world.

MindK built CINX as a complex, feature-rich platform that makes it easy for companies to synchronize internal departments, systems, products, as well as project participants within an all-in-one solution: More than 20 integrations incl. estimating/CAD systems like Autodesk and accounting systems like Intuit Quickbooks. Convenient company profiles where companies link their employees and businesses they do commerce with Private catalogs for companies with material content, over 25 mil items

Back End Developer

Development of functional parts (front-end and back-end), integrated into ERP system: UI features, reports, dynamic grids with filtering, ordering, inline-editing, etc with functional API modules for system reports.


About me

A professional with extensive knowledge of accessibility and security compliance, skills for optimizing the application for speed and efficiency. Over 5 years in web development (full stack), from building separate features (front-end UI components, API, etc.) for complex web apps, to working on an entire application. Front End development skills: SPA development using the following framework\libraries: React.js, Express.js Front-end parts and automation of system elements’ behavior HTML/CSS skills Back End development skills: API layers development for any kind of web applications (including SPA and API services) with PHP and Node.js frameworks Application architecture development DB architecture development Data migration automation (between different CMS and systems) Covering API and separate app functional parts with Unit Tests (using PHPUnit and wrappers)

Custom, Web & Mobile Apps agency #173

Kyiv, Ukraine
Core Expertise
React Native
CMS Development
Laravel Framework
Mobile UI Design
Business & Productivity, E-Commerce & Retail, Information services & Technologies, Construction & Real estate, Advertising & Marketing, Environmental Activism & Social Organisations
MindK offers web and mobile app development, quality assurance, and DevOps services. Over the past decade, MindK has developed over 120 complex B2B and B2C solutions in the e-commerce, financial services, and construction sectors. Our coordinated teams include project managers, developers, designers, DevOps, and QA engineers. At MindK, our goal is to help clients accelerate growth and innovation, boost operational efficiency and improve profitability and customer satisfaction. Our passion for technology and years of experience in the IT industry is reflected in the professionalism of our team, enabling us to deliver predictable results that exceed expectation, accelerating our clients’ time to market and ensuring sustainable growth. We are proud that: Our average client relationship is 5 years. 96% of our clients' projects have met deadlines. 84% of our clients continue working with us to this very day and come back with new projects.