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Melvin R.
Last update: 26 Sep 2019
MIDDLE /team lead
Full Stack Developer/Ruby on Rails
Software engineer with knowledge in Desktop applications, Web Development, Front End, Back End, MVC pattern, Object-Oriented Design and Development, Relational and nonrelational Database Systems.

He enjoys doing what he does, developing software is more than a job is a hobby. He follows global standards and conventions and he’s also used to implementing frameworks that facilitate software development.
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GMT-6 USA Central & Mexico (CT)
San Carlos/Costa Rica, Managua/Nicaragua


Jul `17 – Present

2 years

IME and Peer Review Organization

Full Stack Developer

-Application deployments. -Collaborated with User Experience experts and Product Design regarding product project-related decisions. -Developed best practices and architecture. -Managed and collaborated the work of a development team. -Source Code reviews for features implemented in the application. -Worked with SQL and search based data storage. -Designed applications using object oriented concepts. -Developed serverless micro web services.

This was a Ruby on Rails full stack application completely hosted in AWS, which purpose was to provide Independent Medical Examinations and Peer Reviews through a national panel of board-certified, active-practice healthcare professionals.

Technologies Stack:

AWS HTML5 MySQL Ruby on Rails Amazon Web Services Bootstrap

Apr `17 – Jul `19

2 years

Diabetic Watchers

Fullstack Developer

Develop new features on the backend and in the frontend. Bug fixing

Web and Mobile application for people with Diabetes that let them track food, activities, and glucose level readings so that they can get better eating habits. Also the app lets you generate reports to share with your health care specialist.

Technologies Stack:

Express.js MongoDB Node.js React.js GruntJS Sass

Mar `18 – Jun `18

3 months

Trium App

Fullstack Developer

Development of the backend and frontend of the application.

This is a software to allow people to create and handle their businesses, The system is divided into 2 main modules, the administration App and client App. In the administration App, a person can register a business, branches for the business and who manages each branch or business as well as the employees, services, benefits and a lot more of information in relation to businesses.

Technologies Stack:

Node.js React.js Git Webpack Bitbucket

Dec `16 – Feb `17

2 months


FullStack Developer

-Bug fixing. -Front and backend Development.

This is a customized Web ERP application, developed for a company dedicated to sales and distribution of machinery parts. Focused on facilitating access and sharing product information, this ERP has the ability to search and quickly find products using different criteria, including codes, descriptions, part numbers and even tags.

Technologies Stack:

AngularJS MySQL Ruby on Rails Bootstrap Capistrano Git Angular 1x

Sep `16 – Dec `16

3 months



-Frontend development. -Backend development.

This is a software to track students information in high schools, It generates custom identification cards for every single student. By reading a unique barcode this software generates statistics about how many times a student uses the bus transportation service or how many times a student uses the food service.

Technologies Stack:


Feb `16 – Apr `16

2 months


C# Developer

-Frontend Development. -Backend Development.

This is a software to track customers information in supermarkets, every time a customer buys anything in the supermarket the system logs points for that customer, this way the customer accumulates points and depending on the quantity of points the customer gets discounts in the supermarket.

Technologies Stack:

C# SQL Server

Oct `14 – Dec `15

1 year

Inventory App

FullStack Developer

Frontend Development. Backend Develpment.

This is a software to allow people to administrate resources owned, It acts as an inventory platform but at the same time, as a human resources platform, simple but robust system developed in JAVA and Mysql.

Technologies Stack:

GitHub Java MySQL Git JDBC

Web Apps Development & QA agency #331

San Carlos/Costa Rica, Managua/Nicaragua


Information services & Technologies, Travel & Tourism

A Reliable Software Partner for Tech companies and SME’s


Fullstack Software Engineer with decent Ruby on Rails background
Is a Software Engineer that enjoys working with web-based applications. Acquainted with single page application (SPA), Full Stack Development, RestFul, Microservices and MVC architectures. Experience...
3 Projects completed
GMT-6 USA Central & Mexico (CT)
All rates are indicative, annual rate includes 10% discount
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Updated: 17 Oct 2019
Proactive Software Engineer who has experience in the entire software development process, with strong knowledge in software documentation.
David is a proactive Software Engineer who has experience in the entire software development process, with strong knowledge in software documentation using RUP, UML and other complementary tools. H...
1 Project completed
GMT-6 USA Central & Mexico (CT)
All rates are indicative, annual rate includes 20% discount
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Updated: 24 Sep 2019