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Dmitry E.
Senior PHP developer with Computer Science degree
Higher Education Computer Science
10% discount on yearly basis
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Core technologies

PHP 6 years
Laravel Framework 5 years
Drupal 5 years
Vue.js 2 years
Symfony2 5 years

Other technologies

Technical Writers

Portfolio Highlights

Jun `16 – Jul `19
3 years

Neilson Active holidays

Neilson provides special offers for active summer and winter holidays: Built up new UX: search bar, navigation, booking process etc Got rid of the heavy forms (both visually and logically) Added several essential blocks (such as Company’s description, Feedback, Recommendations etc) Completely rebuilt the company’s blog. Speeded up the page load time Added an option to save users’ data while filling out long forms, which drastically improved user experience and increased the number of leads

Tech Lead

Sep `17 – Present
2 years

Neilson Active Holidays LTD

The service for managing hotel reservations and getting additional information about the resort. This service is actually a part of the bigger project – the whole Neilson platform, but due to its complexity and importance it was developed separately.

Tech Lead

Laravel Framework

About me

Highly motivated, goal-oriented, hands-on software engineer with extensive technical skills and over 6 years of experience in software development - Expert knowledge of PHP, Laravel, Drupal CMS - In-depth knowledge of systems architecture and software design methodologies - 6+ years of experience in web application development using PHP - Extensive experience in relational database management systems, mainly with MySQL - Experience in architecting, implementing and maintaining full-text search platforms

Web development agency #980

St. Petersburg, Omsk
Core Expertise
Data Scientists
Ruby on Rails
App Usability Analysis
CMS Development
Laravel Framework
Machine learning Engineer
Platform Migration
Test Automation
Test Case Design
Usability Testing
User acceptance testing
Mobile UI Design
User Experience Design
Test Design
Information services & Technologies, Travel & Tourism, Booking & Rent, Service & Support, Automotive, Internet of Things, Entertainment
Our team is here for you from soup to nuts – we do the full cycle development and can help you out with both creation of a new exquisite IT-product and adding value to your existing ones. Based on our 10+ years of expertise, we develop industry-specific solutions for Fintech, Travel, E-commerce, Medtech, Real Estate, and Networking. We have a wealth of experience working with international clients, including disruptive Startups, SMBs, and Enterprises.