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Ilya A.
Angular Developer
Higher Education Computer Science
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Core technologies

Angular 2x 3 years
Ionic 1 year
JavaScript 3 years
Redux 2 years
TypeScript 3 years
D3.js 1 year

Other technologies


Portfolio Highlights

Oct `18 – Present
1 year

NDA Project

Accidents monitoring system (under strict NDA)

Frontend Developer

I created chats, worked with maps, cameras, and a form generator.

Angular 2x
Karma unit tests
Angular Material
Angular 7
Jul `18 – Oct `18
3 months

App to track user expenditures

The aim of the project was to facilitate expenditures tracking. The project included different kinds of filters.

Frontend Developer

I developed the project front end part. I implemented login and registration pages. Besides, I developed services for rights distribution, server errors displaying, CRUD operations on expenditures by means of filters implementation, CRUD operations on users, weekly expenditures printout.

Angular 2x
Apr `18 – Jul `18
3 months

2018 FIFA World Cup Site Monitoring System

The World Cup Site Monitoring System tracked the new venues construction processes. The user-friendly interface provided the users with an easy-to-edit functionality to edit the relevant project data and get graphics to update in real time. The system can also stream real-time videos feeds for each location.

Frontend Developer

I developed admin and volunteer profiles for the most part and maintained the project.

Angular 2x
Jan `18 – Apr `18
3 months


A multi-store, multi-channel cloud-based retail management software application, to complement MicroBiz for Windows, its Windows-based point of sale software solution for single-store retailers.

Frontend Developer

I was working as a frontend developer creating several modules providing CRUD-operations of data, Pagination service for all data-tables, Validation on the frontend and handling all extra validation error/messages from the backend.

Angular 2x
Aug `17 – Oct `17
2 months

Deskwize (SPA)

Deskwize is an online platform that helps business professionals learn, find and compare the products and the services they require for their business. By getting tailored quotes from the top providers Deskwise saves lots of time and get the best providers at the most competitive prices.

Frontend Developer

I developed the frontend part from scratch (PSD to HTML and conducted further development).

psd to html
Angular 1x

About me

I have 3+ years of experience in complex projects on JS, AngularJS, Angular 2+, TypeScript, etc. I have been working with every version of Angular. Currently, I prefer to make applications from scratch, because I can create the right architecture and that is very important. I am most interested in modern front-end technologies such as Angular 2+, Bootstrap 4, Redux, Ionic, etc. I am easy to talk to a person and that's why I don't have problems communicating with both customers and partners. I always try to get everything to understand their needs. I'm not afraid of working on projects based on new technologies. It is always challenging to learn something new and upgrade my skills day by day.

Web development, CRMs and ERPs agency #874

Core Expertise
Ruby on Rails
Angular 2x
Bootstrap CSS
Angular 4
Angular UI Bootstrap
Angular 7
Banking & Finance, Human Resources & Career, Advertising & Marketing, Law & Government, Automotive
Web solutions for startups, corporations, and governments. We are advocates of transparent Agile processes and looking for customers with competence is as high as ours. At the moment we have 60+ in-house developers working at WIS. Our team is experienced in timely delivery of MVPs, start-ups, fully loaded banking systems, gambling engines, government projects, SaaS and online games. Our favorite technology stack includes Python/Django and Angular, responsive and adaptive layout. We build high-loaded and complex systems taking full advantage of this stack. We have a great amount of ready-to-use solutions that allow us to reduce solving time in most of the tasks. Moreover, if you need a platform or a framework that’s not on the list of our expertise we can discuss the possibility of creating a hand-picked team in the shortest time possible to deliver that project to you in case we see potential in it.