Volodymyr F.
Location Map Pin Ukraine
Main Clock UTC+02:00 (Ukraine/Kyiv)
Python Developer
I have more than 10 years as developer, 6 of them as team-lead. Worked on projects in fintech, ecommerce, logistics (crypto bank, eshops, CRMs, delivery systems and international transportation). I wrote many data acquisition systems from web spiders for shops and finance, media portals, distributed spiders. Most of them also have modules for data transform, analyze and so on. Used Scrapy, BS4, Urllib, Scrapinghub, Splash, Crawlera, Selenium. Most interesting projects were in NLP and image recognition areas with localization in real word (3D localization of some specific item in space of room, for example) and data analysis for security. Very interested in projects with ETL, data analysis, ML. My most complex scraping projects include LinkedIn, Amazon, Ebay scraping, I've built ML-based scrapers able to solve captchas. 500 parcers in total. Fintech info scraping from international exchanges, CoinMarketCap. A team lead of distributed cross-functional teams of 5-10 people.