Ilya K.
Location Map Pin Russia
Main Clock UTC+04:00 (Europe/Moscow)
Senior DevOps Engineer / System Administrator
I’m a huge fan of all things tech. I work in IT since 2000. I remember DOS and floppy disks! At a certain point, I began working with startups, helping them build new digital products, and now that’s something I do full time and I love it. And every day I learn something new, every day is a challenge! My daughter's requests are everyday challenges too. I have a lot of plans at work and in my family life. In my spare time, apart from the newest technical literature, I enjoy a nice sci-fi book or a historical novel. Key skills: - Microsoft Windows - Microsoft Azure - Active Directory - Microsoft SQL Server, IIS - Microsoft Virtual Server R2 - Microsoft Exchange - Linux (major distributions) - Nginx - KVM - OpenStack - PostgreSQL - Elasticsearch - Docker - Kubernetes - Jira & Confluence managements - GitLab - Load balancing - AWS Lambda - Fargate - CloudFont - ElastiCash - Amazon RDS - Amazon S3 - EC2