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Oleh O.
Last update: 10 Sep 2019
Front-End Developer
Being a Front-end developer, I am doing my best to achieve high results by improving my skills on a daily basis. I am enthusiastic about solving new problems of different complexity. I am open to listening to advice and take the criticism adequately. In my free time, I enjoy reading, attending lectures and workshops on the topics related to my professional interests, as well as mastering my skills in foreign languages.
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Sep `19 – Oct `19

1 month

NDA - Production monitoring system

Front-End Developer

- Implementation of all functionality on front-end side - visualization of a 2D scheme of sensor placement and graphs on sensor activities, real-time data output - Implementation of features for users` and boards` CRUD

Monitoring system for high-paced production line in real-time mode

Technologies Stack:

JavaScript React.js Sass RESTful API

NDA - Site Builder

Front-End Developer

- Built a module logic for new widgets - Was responsible for writing unit tests - Was in charge of the optimization process, in particular, optimized code for its better performance - Created web layout with good responsive view

The web app created for people who need to build a good responsive website on their own. The web app contains a wide range of web widgets with custom settings and a variety of page layouts. Users can add their own plugins or domains or choose them from the existing app list.

Technologies Stack:

Backbone.js JavaScript jQuery React.js Sass

NDA - A Platform for a Web Studio

Front-End Developer

- Was responsible for web layout coding - Created a WebGL-based animation library to facilitate heavy animations - Created visual programming tool for drawing diagrams(graphs) based on Three.js - Built user admin and contact part of the website - Was involved in the design process discussion and planning

The application is designed for people who want to get acquainted with a development team and agree on creating a web product. The platform contains detailed information for customers. Moreover, users can create their own accounts for easier contact with the team and people chosen from the studio.

Technologies Stack:

JavaScript React.js Sass Three.js GatsbyJS

NDA - E-commerce platform

Front-End Developer

- Took part in the research and planning of the architectural front-end stages with the implementation/setting base - Worked with the logging part, large file formats - Filter implementation - Scroll pagination

Platform focused on sports and recreation. Aimed at offering services that will help anyone to get ready for a new adventurous trip quickly and easily.

Technologies Stack:

JavaScript React.js Redux


Technical College of Lviv Polytechnic National University

Bachelor degree in Information Security

Ideas into digital products agency #730



Education & Science, Business & Productivity, E-Commerce & Retail, Entertainment & Games, Sports & Fitness, Advertising & Marketing, Travel & Tourism, Healthcare & Medicine

[otak`oji:] - when you have no other words to express excitement or astonishment, feel free to use this unique Ukrainian word. OTAK`OYI can be interpreted as super ultra mega awesome. This is a level of standards we set for our work. OTAKOYI is a team of creative people who are focused on offering a one-stop-shop experience for our Partners. We have the capacity to build products from scratch as well as to set up dedicated teams to support your new or existing projects. We're happy to find out more about your project. Let's get in touch!


All rates are indicative, annual rate includes 7% discount
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Updated: 04 Oct 2019