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Blazhe M.
Macedonia (FYROM)
UTC+01:00 (Europe/Skopje)
DevOps Engineer, SysAdmin experienced in AWS, Azure, gCloud
A DevOps engineer, System Administrator and scripts expert. Able to do analytics on systems, designing, installing, maintaining. Worked with AWS, Azure, and gCloud (also many others like ScaleWay and etc). Has experience with DevOps for Linux, Mac, and Windows platforms, maintained automation and integration processes, monitored specific software, etc. Has experience in repairing hardware, software sdks, and networks. Other: -Virtualization and containerization technologies and cluster resiliency (Docker, Kubernetes) -CI/CD with Git, Jenkins, Kubernetes, and Docker (including Docker private registry server) -Maintaining existing company infrastructure (monitoring Kubernetes cluster using Prometheus and Grafana; management, updates and migration of existing company services) -GKE (Google Kubernetes Engine)