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Yurii R.
Last update: 13 Nov 2019
Full Stack JavaScript Software Engineer
Full stack JavaScript developer with over 5 years of experience in IT. I started my carrier as a .NET web developer, worked intensively with SQL for a few months, later switched to the frontend development and, for the last 2.5 years, I have been working as a Full stack developer using Node.js, React and GraphQL. I'm interested in microservices, AWS, functional programming.
GMT+3 Middle East
Lviv/Ukraine, Edinburgh/United Kingdom


Apr `16 – Feb `19

2 years


Full Stack Developer

Implementation of new components and features; Configuration tasks (eslint, webpack, internationalization setup); Development of the lightweight version of the app based on GraphQL, Prisma, React and Apollo Client; Code reviews, refactoring and research tasks.

The platform which allows individuals, brands and TV shows to create contests (such as beauty contests with photos and videos) and showcase them to engage their audience.

Technologies Stack:

Node.js React.js ES6 Webpack GraphQL ESLint Apollo Client

Nov `14 – Mar `16

1 year

Medical project management software

Full Stack developer

Maintenance of existing codebase and implementation of new features; Communication with the customer, mentoring a junior developer; Migration to microservices architecture and RESTful services

Project management software for the US-based company that integrates all elements of a health plan’s marketing communications workflow, including compliance, IT, creative services and operations.

Technologies Stack:

ASP.NET ASP.NET MVC JavaScript MS SQL Server REST API ASP.NET Web API Microservices

Mar `14 – Nov `14

8 months

Healthcare project

Full Stack developer

Performing maintenance functions (SQL scripts writing, creating custom reports using T-SQL and internal functionality of the application); Development of the utility application for persisting information about patients, resources and medications from CSV file to a database.

Large enterprise projects for the US company intended to automate a process of medical companies work. The application allows a medical worker to track all patient-related data within the application, work in both connected to the server and disconnected modes.

Technologies Stack:

.NET MS SQL Server

Jun `13 – Mar `14

9 months

Application for the corporate library

Full Stack developer

Implementation of new features related to both server and client-side.

Application intended to automate work of internal book library.

Technologies Stack:


Feb `19 – Nov `19

9 months

Bidding platform for US Construction market

Full Stack Developer

Implementation of new components and features; Code reviews, refactoring and research tasks.

Platform in construction industry for two type of users: contractors, that are searching for projects on the one side and Post Managers, that are looking for the best service they can get in scope of budget on the other side.

Technologies Stack:

Express.js JavaScript Node.js React.js ES6


Lviv Polytechnic National University

Master’s degree in System Programming

Custom Software Development agency #114

Lviv/Ukraine, Edinburgh/United Kingdom


Business & Productivity, Logistics & Transportation, E-Commerce & Retail, Entertainment & Games, Construction & Real estate, Human Resources & Career, Mapping & Navigation, Advertising & Marketing, Social Media & Communication, Electronics & Equipment

Relevant Software helps you build the right product with the right features for the right audience! We help startups and innovative businesses get from idea to market-ready products fast! We’ve developed over 150 projects for companies from the US, Canada, the UK, Western European and Scandinavian countries. Our range of MVP/Product development services: Business Analysis, Product Discovery Workshop, UX/UI Design, Development (Front-end & Back-end & Mobile), Project Management, Quality Assurance and Maintenance.


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Updated: 12 Nov 2019
Front-End Developer
3+ years of commercial experience in web development. I'm delighted with the creation of new solutions. Experienced in developing small to large-scale websites based on web standard technologies like...
6 Projects completed
GMT+3 Middle East
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Updated: 12 Nov 2019