$74,592$63,403 /Year
$6,216$5,905 /Month
$37 /Hour
Konstantin L.
Location Map Pin Ukraine
Main Clock UTC+02:00 (Europe/Kiev)
Blockchain engineer with a deep understanding of Golang, JavaScript, Solidity.
Work experience (Theses): ● Created the architecture and developed the secure E2EE chat based on RSA cryptography; ● Implemented backend part for a private document management system that is work with IPFS and Ethereum; ● Developed the deFi app for working with stocks on Ethereum; ● Created the architecture and developed the organization’s user registration system on the Hyperledger Fabric; ● Developed Ethereum-based dApp for referral affiliate system using CII Best Practice; ● Researched and analyzed about providing BFT-based algorithm to the Hyperledger Fabric; ● Developed smart-contracts for providing IP Protection on Ethereum; ● Researched and analyzed of Tendermint usage in the distributed file management system; ● Work experience in the R&D department (as Researcher and as Engineer).