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Ivan K.
Android developer
Higher Education Computer Science


Core technologies

Java 3 years
Kotlin 1 year
Android SDK 3 years

Other technologies

Android SDK
Dagger 2
Design Patterns
Retrofit 2
MVP patterns
Room database

Portfolio Highlights

Dec `18 – Nov `19
11 months

Startup company

Developed a mobile application for the AR platform. Achieved much better performance of the AR mode than in most of the popular similar apps using the last version of ARCore. In the mobile app, you can use all AR types (vertical and horizontal surfaces or markers), create your personal storage of 3D models, create your own portfolio, expand business opportunities. Available on the Google Play Store by the link https://cutt.ly/ARena.

Android Developer

Aug `17 – Nov `19
2 years

Startup company

Developed a multibrand client-server application. Implemented it from the idea to release. The application provides 24/7 control of the condition and location of the vehicle. Users can lock and unlock their cars. When the vehicle is under secure keeping, specialized equipment would alert in the following situations: **Muffling ** Forced reconnection **Shutdown **Movement **Turn on the ignition. Available on the Google Play Store by the link https://cutt.ly/i_see.

Android Developer

Android SDK
Jun `17 – Aug `17
2 months

One of the biggest сommunications provider

Gained my first experience in commercial mobile app development. Responsibilities: fixing bugs, maintaining the existing project, developing new features. About the project: The system provides round-the-clock monitoring of the condition and location of the vehicle. The user can lock and unlock his car.

Android Developer

Android SDK

About me

I am an experienced, result-oriented and proactive Android developer. Also, I am a reliable employee not afraid of taking responsibility and risks. Glad to use my strong soft and hard skills to help businesses grow. Interested in taking new technical challenges and working in a comfortable team environment. Skillset: Java, Kotlin, Gradle, Android SDK, OOD, OOP, Design patterns, SOLID, Clean code, MVP, Dagger 2, Retrofit 2, Gson, RxJava 2, Room, Crashlytics, Push notifications, Dynamic links, Cloud Firestore, Cloud Storage, Google maps, Publishing apps on Google Play, Material design, Butterknife, Glide, Animations, Customizing views, ARcore, Cryptography, Git, Refactoring code, Scrum. Successfully completed the Android Base course in 2016 and the Android Advanced course in 2017 at IT Education Academy.

Development agency #1192

Mountain View/California
Core Expertise
Information services & Technologies, Cybersecurity & Data Protection, Data Science & Machine Learning, Branding, design, web development
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