Denis D.
Location Map Pin Ukraine
Main Clock UTC+02:00 (Ukraine/Kyiv)
Resourceful and Innovative Technology Architect with progressive career experience.
Drove change management creating complex project architecture and an ecosystem with a specific focus on continuous integration, scalability, and complexity management. Reengineered company’s systems setup, establishing automated server generation routines, optimizing system performance, installing upgrades/patches, establishing system monitoring and maintaining security protocols. Deployed and ran in production first commercial IVR (Interactive Voice Response) service in Ukraine. Built load balance infrastructure of microservices based on Kubernetes technology. Optimized content delivery network based on AWS S3 bucket store and integrated it with CloudFront. Developed and integrated multistage CI/CD process (Gitlab pipelines), including build, test, stage, deploy, post-launch support, and vulnerability scans. Configured and tuned huge cache system based on Elasticsearch and Redis cluster.