Alex O.
Location Map Pin Ukraine
Main Clock UTC+02:00 (Ukraine/Kyiv)
Result-oriented solid PHP Symfony developer
I decided to try programming in early 2010. I got acquainted with C++ and Java 6. In 2012, I wrote my own network protocol over TCP\IP which allows communication between the server and clients with the minimum size of transmitted data. The protocol was made in the form of a library for Java and C++. I still use this protocol if I need a client-server program to which the HTTP protocol does not fit. I started my path as a web developer in 2014. I started learning PHP5 and at the same time web engines like WordPress, Drupal, Data Life Engine. In 2015 I started using Laravel. Later I discovered Symfony, which showed itself better from all sides. For complex systems such as CRM or ERP, I discovered Spring and Hibernate Java frameworks. In 2015, simultaneously with web-development, I started to administer systems and it brought me pleasure no less than the development of web applications. I got acquainted with Linux, bash, Linux packages, CMake and later with Docker.