Alex M.
Location Map Pin Ukraine
Main Clock UTC+02:00 (Ukraine/Kyiv)
Senior level engineer with more than 10+ years of product development for mobile platforms
I have 10+ years of product development for mobile platforms: iOS native apps, cross-platform apps and games with C/C++ and game engines, 1.5 years of experience in Unity 3D for desktop/mobile. My main language is C++, but I also have a high level of Objective-C, C, C#, Swift and Python. Also, several years of leading teams experience. I've participated in development of almost 80 projects of different scales and purposes, mostly for mobile (mainly iOS and Android, but also some exotic like Tizen or Bada), couple for desktop (mostly tools with Qt). Strong knowledge of OpenGL/OpenGLES, GLSL, strong in math. I'm very interested in ML and Computer Vision, I have some competence in CV area using OpenCV and some other tools. My initial specialization is system programming, so I'm familiar with WinAPI/Posix, low level multithreading and networking implementations. My future plans are related to ML and I'm actively educating myself in this area.