Thiago O.
Location Map Pin Brazil
Main Clock UTC-03:00 (America/Araguaina)
Fullstack developer with a decent backgroud in developent projects
Thiago Oliveira, immersed in entrepreneurship since the beginning of my career. With only 19 years old I won the leadership of the development team of Ometz, which gave him the enthusiasm to found Hotel Já, a startup that offered high standard hotels at a much more affordable cost for last-minute reservations. The company came to operate with more than 1600 hotels and received investment from one of the partners of one of the largest players in the Brazilian tourism market. Even with the company's bankruptcy, I did not lose my enthusiasm and opened Davai, a technology, and development company, where I worked on 15 projects for 6 months, some very expressive like Formula 1 and Expedia. I served as CTO of leading innovation companies in the Curitiba ecosystem, such as Hero99 and Beracode. In the first, he had the opportunity to leverage the team from 8 to 40 members, in addition to rooting the agile culture in just 2 years of work.