$78,624 /Year
$6,552 /Month
$39 /Hour
Liudmyla T.
Location Map Pin Ukraine
Main Clock UTC+02:00 (Europe/Kiev)
Data Scientist/Machine Learning Engineer with a strong background in Math
I'm a mathematics fan and a quite experienced Python-focused software engineer with a natural inclination to Data Science. • Tech Focus: Machine Learning, Deep Neural Networks, Time Series, Recommender Systems, Information Cascades, Text Mining, Predictive Modeling, Data Processing, data mining algorithms, • Experienced in math statistics, probability theory, operations research. Strong experience in dealing with mathematical problems and challenges, • Industry experience: ecommerce and marketing (identifying users preferences, targeted marketing, customer segmentation, CRM data analysis), fintech (financial analysis, outlier/fraud detection); optimization (linear programming, e.g. finding the best configuration with the lowest cost).