$73,584 /Year
$6,132 /Month
$37 /Hour
Ivan V.
Location Map Pin Serbia
Main Clock UTC+01:00 (Europe/Belgrade)
A Full-stack developer with strong educational background, experienced in the development of mobile applications and AI projects
Gained BSc degree in Computer Software Engineering from the Faculty of Technical Sciences, Novi Sad. Currently studying for an MSc degree in Artificial Intelligence. During his career, Ivan has worked on a number of diverse projects. He has contributed to a number of web and mobile applications and he has been part of a team that has been on the company's forefront in working with Flutter. He has also worked on an ML project that the company has collaborated on with Apttus, one of the world's leaders in business process automation. Ivan shows great calmness even when faced with the most difficult challenges, and a focus that allows him to meet those challenges in the most efficient way possible. Exceptional knowledge and experience in both web and mobile development, skilled in machine learning and data science. An irreplaceable team member, always eager to share his knowledge, further improve his skills, and develop creative solutions for handling complex projects.