Karyna A.
Location Map Pin Ukraine
Main Clock UTC+02:00 (Ukraine/Kyiv)
Senior Back-end developer
Refactored legacy code, improved scalability, maintainability, upgraded project from Django 1.x and python 2.x to Django 2.2 and python 3.6 which improved code efficiency & latency 2 times. Managed to successfully transfer the data from a MySQL 5.7 database to PostgreSQL 11 which helped optimize relationships and improved queries. Managed to do cost-efficient CI / CD workflow by analyzing cloud platforms and choosing the best option with AWS / Docker / K8S infrastructure. Mentorship junior software developers. Setup a 99,5 SLA cloud infrastructure due to high demand services - AWS (RDS, EC2, S3, ECS, EBS, EKS) Google Cloud (GCR, CKE, Cloud SQL, Cloud Storage) Created a unified, secured API (Web, iOS, Android, Desktop, Hardware) Managed to create a secured and a GDPR compliant API. Created smart locks Bank ID using an OpenID connect protocol Participated at the AI & Speech Recognition hackathon Was a mentor at the student's hackathon as a Software Engineer