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Volodymyr L.
UTC+02:00 (Europe/Kiev)
Backend Developer with 9 years experience with Drupal
Drupal skills ✓ Fundamental Web Development Concepts ✓ Drupal Core API ✓ Drupal Views ✓ Composer ✓ Drupal Localization ✓ Drupal file-based Configuration ✓ Twig ✓ Content Modeling ✓ Debug code and troubleshooting ✓ Theme development and Integration ✓ Performance optimization (Memcache, Redis, Varnish) ✓ Security ✓ E-Commerce ✓ Modules development ✓ Search API (ApacheSOLR, Elastic) ✓ Data Migration ✓ Web Services (RESTful, SOAP) Functional skills ✓ Task distribution, supervision, knowledge transfer, best practice sharing, meetings arrangement ✓ Software Design (OOP, Design patterns, Code review and refactoring, Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery) ✓ SDLC: Development, Delivery, Evolutions, Support ✓ Writing Technical Documentation ✓ Writing automated tests ✓ Fast learning