Kos C.
Location Map Pin Ukraine
Main Clock UTC+02:00 (Ukraine/Kyiv)
Senior JavaScript engineer with a keen eye for detail and focus on Node.js/TypeScript/React.js stack
I'm a senior software engineer with 7 years of experience in both frontend and backend software development. I've started my career as a web developer. Later I've improved my skills by becoming a frontend developer and right now I'm most keen about full-stack development with backend focus based on JS-oriented stack. E.g. TypeScript, Node.JS+Express, React, Swagger+Open API 3.0, Jest, ES, AWS, Docker. As a developer and a person I'm responsible, proactive, hard-working (always trying to complete as much as I can), rigorous (trying to do my work without any flaws and bugs), easy to communicate with, eager to learn everything new, inquisitive (usually trying to pick up tasks with technologies I'm not familiar with to learn something new). Since the beginning of the last year, I was a part of a team working on a complex enterprise platform where I further enhanced my skills around TypeScript, Node.js, React.js and AWS stack.