Java/node/python/angular E.
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Java / Python / Node / Angular Full Stack Engineer
Full stack developer with strong technical skills in Java related stack. Also, I’m experienced in developing generally fast, scalable Web applications using Node.js. Have a deep knowledge of JavaScript, Angular 2+ web technologies. Experienced in scoping out, designing, and providing a customer with the Internet of Things (IoT) based software solutions. I built different types of Alexa skills, worked with openHAB, Home Assistant, Z-wave IoT technologies and am skilled in the analysis of software applications applied to hardware. I'm keen on exploring new territories, challenging myself to learn new concepts, share ideas and points of view with the people I'm working with to reach our objectives and give the final users the best experience. I have excellent skills in relationship management with clients during the project development lifecycle and deliver the product within a timeline, cost, and quality.