Polina D.
Location Map Pin Belarus
Main Clock UTC+03:00 (Europe/Minsk)
Fullstack engineer focused on the back-end
A passionate back-end developer. The mainstream of Node.js I am well acquainted with the AWS infrastructure, I do not hesitate to refer to the official AWS documentation, I make the most of 'best practice' in my work. The latest project on serverless architecture. Working with AWS and Python (Lambda (Python), Api gateway, Cloudformation, RDS (PostgreSQL), Cloudwatch, EC2, Route 53, S3, etc.). Experience 3 projects - Healthcare. AWS Lambda (Python), EC2, API Gateway, CloudFormation, Serverless, RDS - PostgreSQL, CloudWatch, Cognito, etc) - News portal (JavaScript, Node.js, MongoDB, React, HTML5/CSS3, Git, i18n) - E-commerce (AWS EC2, JavaScript, Node.js (Express), MySQL, Git, WebSockets, Cloudinary) Basic knowledge C#, C++, .NET, Ubuntu, Nginx, etc.