Peter K.
Location Map Pin Ukraine
Main Clock UTC+02:00 (Europe/Kiev)
Junior full-stack developer
At my first position, I worked with a team of up to six persons on a large CMS site and provided multiple components to be used in an entire project and endpoints. I created a Telegram bot that sends users notifications about profile changes. As a freelancer, I worked with an international team of up to five people and created a web game MVP. If we go into more detail, I built almost an entire front-end part with components (React) and constructed backend logic. Firstly, I used Matter.js as a physical engine. Then, I migrated to Planck.js. For rendering, I used Pixi.js. While developing a web game, I learned Rust in two weeks and then managed to migrate the backend from Node.js to Rust. As a result, this solution helped increase performance and enable multi-threading on the server. Udemy certified TypeScript and Node.js developer.