Maria V.
Location Map Pin Russia
Main Clock UTC+04:00 (Europe/Moscow)
QA engineer
I have been working as a QA engineer for over 3 years. In testing projects, I follow the principles of Agile testing and also use various testing methods such as manual, exploratory, positive and negative, client and server-side testing, security testing, user acceptance testing. My responsibilities include: - prepare QA documentation test-cases/scenario, checklists, traceability matrixes, test plan and etc.); - development, deployment, support, and updating of test benches; - carrying out various types of testing with fixing the results, registering and controlling the correction of defects; - testing client applications (web and mobile projects); - testing client-server applications; - interaction with managers and developers; - installation and support of software at the customer's site. I love my job very much and try to always keep up with the times and study new technologies for me.