Carlos T.
Location Map Pin Uruguay
Main Clock UTC-03:00 (America/Montevideo)
Mid-senior backend developer
Backend developer focused on cloud development, also doing some work on the frontend. On the backend side I focus on Node.js, and on the frontend side, Angular with TypeScript. Have also done short projects in ReactJS. Experience writing services in Node.js that interconnect different cloud services (APIs) and deploy them via Platform as a Service infrastructure, or in specific cases with Docker/Kubernetes. Often create and configure these cloud services like SQL/NoSQL Databases, CI/CD Pipelines, IA Services or specific cloud provider APIs. The principal cloud provider I have experience with is IBM Cloud, but with that experience gained, I can transfer the knowledge of cloud patterns and cloud services to other major cloud providers like AWS, GCP or Azure. Really enjoy working with a team to solve complex problems. I like the process of listening, helping and debating with teammates, and working together to find the best solution. Often speak and mentor at local events and meetups.