Gabriel Martin M.
Location Map Pin Argentina
Main Clock UTC-03:00 (America/Argentina/Buenos_Aires)
Software Developer with Python, .NET, architecture, and API design experience.
Overview: He focuses on optimization and performance. Has harnessed experience in IoT and mobile development ( currently working with Flutter mainly). Plus, he deals with Angular, .net core, Python (OpenCV, neural networks, image recognition, microservices, VR, mixed and augmented reality). Not only that, he can cope with C and C++ and is experienced in leading tech teams. He holds AZ-204 certification. Technical In-Depth: Python: uses the language in all its extensions, with advanced features management. Ample experience with Flask and function optimization. Django: knows its characteristics but has not dealt with it at work level. REST: proper knowledge. Security: experienced in Kerberos, NTLM and self SSO implementation. Also experienced in setting up caches. CI/CD: he works with Gitlab and Azure pipelines. Quality: Manages TDD and BDD. He commented that also deals with 12-factor app.