Nivaldo G.
Location Map Pin Venezuela
Main Clock UTC-04:30 (America/Caracas)
Senior Fullstack develloper with bast C# / C++ experience
- Participated on several startup projects - Work on infrastrure projects forthe Cuban goverment - Ability to analyze complex technical information. - Analysis, design and implementation of databases structures. - Adaptability to new technologies - I graduated from Computer Science Engineering in 2013. My biggest challenge was developing a module for a c ++ application that transformed 2d to 3d polygons, I had to work on a complete np algorithm and apply parallel programming to it. After graduating I started working in an electrical company developing and maintaining billing systems code using c # and c ++. After about 4 years I started in web development using javascript. Since 2018 I work in web development using ReactJs for the front end and NodeJs for the backend. I have worked mostly with freelancer projects and using serverless architecture with Firebase. "