$101K /Year
$8,400 /Month
$50 /Hour
Ricardo Javier Martinez S.
Location Map Pin Mexico
Main Clock UTC-06:00 (America/Mexico_City)
Engineer with Python / Django expertise, certified in Scrum Master
1.- Machine Learning Models.- Make machine Learning models for BBVA in order to detect abusive clients in the clarification area in a timely manner. 2.- BPE.- I was in the implementation of two tools (Salesforce and PureCloud) in BBVA, carrying out the mapping of processes, the AS-IS and TO-BE and the technical deficiencies. 3.- RDA Dashboard.- Risk Data Aggregation Dashboard performed for Banco Sabadell in Python and Power BI 4.- Data Governance.- We made the diction of the data of the different BBVA areas to load them into the Sophia corporate tool. 5.- Liquidity Engine.- Generate the parameterization of tables for a liquidity engine in BBVA- Compass in the USA. 6.- Data Quality.- Program the business rules for a data quality tool that allowed to know the dueities of the data in each area in BBVA. 7.- Win second place in the SEFI Entrepreneurs contest of the Faculty of Engineering