Oleksandr M.
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Main Clock UTC+02:00 (Europe/Kyiv)
A full-stack developer successfully transferred a decade’s LAMP experience to JavaScript and Node.js domain.
1993 - 2001, I started as English Translator, tried myself as CIS Sales Mngr and grew into Bayer's AG regional representative, and then I got dial-up access to Web; that's where the whole story began... 2001 - 2005, I left for Mainland China (South) to teach English in a private school, but after 6 months there I switched to Taiwan. Over there I worked in kindergartens, primary school and even in D-Link subsidiary L7 Networks (as Perl Developer). 2005 - 2015, A very dense period of my life as freelancing and full-time web developer: I worked for outsourcing biz, initiated my own start-up and went though good deal of fun on Odesk and Elance. 2016 - 2020, A new twist in my career gave me understanding of how and why they created Angular, React and, finally, Vue out of Web Component API. Nonetheless, Node+Express became my best friends on client's side.