Ariel G.
Location Map Pin Uruguay
Main Clock UTC-03:00 (America/Montevideo)
Full Stack Developer - React | Node | Python
Mostly experienced in ReactJS, Node.js and Python. Also, in most of my projects I’ve leveraged Azure platform as Cloud service. I develop intuitive and responsive UIs using ReactJS. For the unit testing side, I’ve used “Jest+Enzyme”/”react-testing-library”. On the other hand, for the React UI component libraries I’ve used Material-UI, Fluent UI and Bootstrap frameworks. Furthermore, I’ve implemented and tested REST APIs using Python (aiohttp) and Node.js (Express). In addition, I’ve implemented SQLAlchemy ORM in Python to create PostgreSQL databases, mapping the classes to tables. The schema migrations were done using Alembic. Developed automation scripts in Python/Node.js, and have experience building the frontend/backend on Docker for distribution and deployment. On the Azure cloud platform I’ve used Azure Functions, Azure Storage, Web App, App Service, Azure Batch , Azure Active Directory , and Azure Registry Container.