Juan B.
Location Map Pin Uruguay
Main Clock UTC-03:00 (America/Montevideo)
Full Stack Developer focused on React and Node
I'm a seasoned professional with over 9 years of experience in the IT world; A career driven by constant learning, work and team cooperation. Full stack software developer specialized in front-end technologies and a former Database Administrator, so I have a broad experience and know-how in many of the working parts of a project. As a Full stack developer, I’m mostly experienced in ReactJS and Node.js. In most of my projects I’ve used several tools as Redux.js, Gatsby, Next.js, Jest, react-testing-library, Docker, several databases as MongoDB, PostgreSQL, and others. I have also created intuitive UI’s leveraging component libraries I’ve used such as Ant design and Material-Ui, and also CSS tools as SCSS and styled-components. On the back-end side, I’ve mostly created REST APIs using Node.js with Express, implementing schema validation with Joi and Data modeling with ORMs like Sequelize and Mongoose.