Jelena S.
Location Map Pin Serbia
Main Clock UTC+01:00 (Europe/Belgrade)
Software engineer with 4 years of experience with a strong focus on frontend technologies such as React.js and ReactNative
During the first 2 years of my career, I've changed several projects, where I was a part of small teams, working and communicating closely with Product Owners as they were startups in early phases. After that, I've been moved to a bigger startup, and a bigger team, consisting of 4 constant developers, and several fluctuating devs who worked on other aspects of the system, as well as other creative team members. I've started as the React Native developer on it, but have been promoted to the React Native Lead over time, where my range of responsibilities increased over time, such as code reviews, mentoring, onboarding new team members, etc. The product goal was to democratize the gas industry by allowing users to trade fuel, which allowed me to work map navigations, complex transaction flows with multiple validations, and chats among users with location sharing, as well as many other interesting features.