Anton Mishchenko

Anton Mishchenko

Areas of expertise: Tech entrepreneurship and startups, business management, digital marketing, business development, product development, music & media industries.

Born in Kyiv, Ukraine, Anton spent the first 16 years of his life there before he moved to the United Kingdom to pursue a career in contemporary music and jazz piano at the Academy of Contemporary Music in Guildford.

Since 2008, he is actively involved in the music & media industries, working in strategic and digital marketing for companies like The Orchard, i-nfluence and PizzaExpress Live he music subsidiary of a famous restaurant chain). He also worked as a marketing and product development consultant for renowned music personalities such as Bill Bruford (“Yes”, “King Crimson”).
In 2010, he graduated with a First Class degree in Business and Management from the University of Surrey.

From 2011 onwards, Anton has founded a number of tech businesses, including - a platform for creating highly customisable event pages that got him a place in the Launchpad (Launch 48) accelerator programme.

In 2014, he co-founds YouTeam with Yura Riphyak and becomes the company’s first CEO, utilising his experience in bringing new technological innovations to life.

Anton is a frequent speaker at tech startup events in London, where he is currently based. He also regularly participates in many of the largest tech conferences around the world - promoting projects conceived and developed by YouTeam.

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Yura Riphyak

Chief Product Officer
Yura Riphyak

Areas of expertise: Business development, startups, product management, international marketing, economics, UX/UI.

Yura Riphyak was born in Lviv, Ukraine in 1984.

He has gained an MA in pharmacy in 2007 and got his second degree in economics at London School of Economics in 2012. His economic research has been focused ondigital currencies.

Starting his career as a designer in 2000, Yura has been building user interfaces for web and stand-alone digital products before the UX/UI acronym was invented. He collaborated with an advisory to Ukraine’s President Yushchenko between 2005 and 2010. On 24 February 2010, he has been awarded with the Ukrainian national “Order of Merit Class III”. In 2009, he founded “Chumak Way” – a startup-focused business development consultancy.

In 2012, Yura co-founded a “Twitter for Voice”. Raising a Series A round for this startup brought him back in London, where he met Anton Mishchenko and Andri Grushetsky.

They have founded YouTeam in March 2014, with a vision of a new type of product development agency - focused on the specific needs and dynamics of innovation-based products.

Besides YouTeam work, Yura also mentors several startups, lectures at Lviv Startup School and teaches business development crash course at Ukrainian Catholic University.

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Andri Grushetsky

Chief Customer Officer
Andri Grushetsky

Areas of expertise: Project management, tech product development, entrepreneurship, digital media, unified communications.

Andri believes that the key to a product’s success is a team of people with a blend of extraordinary business and technology expertise.

Originally from Ivano-Frankivsk’s (Ukraine), Andri spent the first three years of his career working at Pravex Bank IT department in Kyiv. His keen interest in voice and video communications allowed him to quickly progress to a senior telecommunications engineer role.

After moving to London in 2009, Andri worked with SignVideo for five years as an IT consultant and later as a deputy IT manager, making a great contribution to the development of the leading British-Sign-Language video relay service. During that time. he also worked with a number of clients and has been contracted by IBM for their Carphone Warehouse global infrastructure account.

Having a passion for blogging and travel, Andri has founded a digital media startup in 2012, Fanmaps, - a platform for travel bloggers to create interactive maps for their articles. Fanmaps has later joined the School for Startups founded by Doug Richard. Andri met his future business partner Yurij Riphyak while presenting Fanmaps at GA.

Andri is currently studying towards an executive master’s degree in Applied Project Management. It is designed by QA and Northumbria University to help working professionals to effectively deal with modern project management challenges. His assignments are focused on the challenges YouTeam faces on a daily basis. Andri also runs a travel blog at

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Nikita Voloshin

Chief Technology Officer
Nikita Voloshin

Areas of expertise: System architecture, agile methodology, OOP, product development, project management, Scrum, software development, cross-functional team leadership.

Nikita has worked for more than 10 years in the software industry. He has extensive experience in whole application life-cycle development: from designing and architecting to deployment and maintenance, from developing back-end to front-end and mobile apps, from client/vendor relationship management to reorganisation and process improvement initiatives of teams.

Before joining YouTeam, Nikita worked on a range of projects, both simple and complex. His expertise comes from hands-on experience in IT and solving real problems. His goal is always to make new features function as intended and to ensure they are well supported thereafter.

Nikita's most recent experience includes 3+ years as the CTO of Clickky - one of Europe's fastest growing mobile advertising startups. Within this role he; oversaw the growth of the development team from 3 to 20, managed the development of 10 new products, set up Front End and QA teams, organised a training centre and much more.

At YouTeam, Nikita is not only responsible for development of the company's breakthrough rent-a-talent platform. His outstanding and comprehensive experience allows him to contribute in every aspect of the business.

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