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Solidity Developer
Blockchain Smart Contracts developer. In 2017 I have switched to Blockchain from mobile development. I have completed multiple Blockchain and Ethereum development courses. I have also 4+ years profes...
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Updated: 08 May 2018
Android developer
He is one of the best Android developer I ever know. Responsible • Highly self-motivated • Creative and initiative • Good communication • Desire to develop high-level projects
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Updated: 16 Jan 2018
Android Software Engineer with experience using major available Android technologies
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Updated: 16 Jan 2018
Android developer with near 2 years of experience in developing native Android applications.
Analytical, detail oriented with strong programmer skills. Responsible, quickly learn and perform well. Yuriy is experienced in client and server side application development and flexible UI creati...
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Updated: 24 Feb 2018
Lead Android developer with 16+ years of experience in IT industry
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Updated: 16 Jan 2018

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Is Your Google Play Specialist Good Enough?

Google Play is an official app store for Android applications and probably one of the biggest digital media stores. If you want to develop apps for Google Play store, you need a certain skill set to become an expert in Google Play management. Let’s find out which technical skills are crucial for Google Play programmers.

Becoming a Google Play Experts: Technical Skills

During the interview, the following technical skills are usually required from Google Play specialists:

  • Android OS. Sounds obvious, but it’s hard for an iOS user to become an Android developer. You need to be an advanced user who understands the working principles of this operating system.
  • Java. Java is a core language of Android development. Google Play programmers should understand Java concepts such as variables, loops, and lists.
  • Kotlin. Kotlin has been recently introduced as a new Android programming language. Being fully compatible with Java, it improves code readability and makes the development process faster.
  • SQL. Google Play programmers should know SQL basics to organize the databases within Android apps.
  • Android Software Development Kit. The Android SDK includes sample code, software libraries, coding tools, etc. to help Google Play experts build, test, and debug Android apps.
  • Android Studio. Android Studio is an officially integrated development environment (IDE) for Android app development. With Android Studio, programmers write code and assemble their apps from packages and libraries.
  • Eclipse. Eclipse is an alternative IDE for Android app development, so developers specialising in Google Play can choose the IDE with which they are more comfortable.
  • Android API. Android API provides packages with which Google Play programmers can easily add code for specific features to their apps.
  • Google Play Developer Console. Knowledge of Google Play Developer Console is necessary to submit the apps to the Google Play store.
  • Material design. The fundamentals of material design are required from app developers to ensure the best user experience with Android apps.
  • Android application lifecycle. A good Google Play programmer should also understand the Android application lifecycle because it’s different than the lifecycle for desktop apps.

So go ahead and gain new skills to become a top Google Play expert or alternatively find and hire available specialists on YouTeam platform. We wish you good luck with publishing your first app!