The YouTeam Vetting Process

YouTeam is an invitation-only network of top small- and medium-sized development agencies located in Latin America and Europe. Every talent on YouTeam passes a multi-step vetting process.

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Rita Bodnarchuk

Rita Bodnarchuk


COO and Board Member at YouTeam

To uphold our network to the highest standard of reliability, we carefully and repeatedly verify the quality of our partner agencies and most crucially, their talent.


development agencies

15,000+ development agencies in LatAm and European IT markets as of 2023.

YouTeam identifies top local development agencies.

Since 2017, YouTeam has been actively scanning the outsourcing market to identify reputable development agencies with in-demand talent, strong recruitment and retention processes. After handpicking these agencies, YouTeam invites them to undergo a vetting process before joining its network.


development agencies

Only 25% of agencies pass YouTeam vetting. On average we add 1 agency to the network per week.

YouTeam vets the identified agencies.

Agencies are only accepted into the YouTeam network if they pass an extensive due diligence process. This process ensures that YouTeam can trust the quality of the agency's talent on a high level, based on the strength of its recruitment and retention processes.





500+ agencies in the YouTeam network are some of the strongest local employers with a combined talent pool of 50,000+ engineers.

Agencies in the YouTeam network vet their talent as they hire and retain it.

All of YouTeam’s engineers pass a multi-stage screening process which starts when they get hired by the agencies in the YouTeam network, continues as they work for those agencies and get re-vetted by YouTeam over time.


suitable candidates

Hundreds of potentially suitable candidates get reviewed by YouTeam for each open position. Top matches undergo in-depth vetting.

YouTeam re-vets talent every time it runs the Matching Process.

The second screening stage is conducted by YouTeam during a tailored Matching Process for every new customer role, based on the Ideal Candidate Profile created by the customer and our Matching Expert.



2-3 candidates are sent to you for review. On average YouTeam's customers interview just 1.75 to close a role.

You have the final say.

Meet your top picks from the Candidate Shortlist and contract them with ease. YouTeam takes care of the admin.

Why YouTeam only works with professional development agencies

Quality-control redundancy

Quality-control redundancy

Every developer is vetted at least twice

Career engineers

Career engineers

Experienced working for top brands

Remote work masters

Remote work masters

Ready to thrive in fast-paced environments

Professional agency support

Professional agency support

Enjoy the reliability of a B2B relationship

Local logistics for your contractors

Local logistics for your contractors

Legal and payroll, workplace and tooling, professional development, benefits, and HR are all taken care of

Hear from our customers, partners, and talent

Meet your Matching Expert →


Soeren Munke

Soeren Munke

Chief of Staff and Head of Go-to-Market at Matterway, Germany

I was able to build a team of 6 devs within just a few weeks. The speed and 'exhaustiveness', with which I was able to do that, would not have been possible with any other provider.

Partner agency

Raul Lopez

Raul Lopez

Manager at Applica, Uruguay

YouTeam helps us find ideal clients for our developers. We couldn't be happier with the overall experience because YouTeam's communication is excellent as well.




Senior UI/UX Designer, Ukraine

The healthcare product I got to work on was awesome and the team was very friendly and enthusiastic.