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YouTeam helps tech companies extend their engineering teams by leveraging a network of 25,000+ vetted contractors from hundreds of development agencies across the world.

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Fortune 500. One of the Big Four accounting firms


One of the largest Internet exchanges in the world


A healthcare data platform. Named one of YC Top Companies


Africa’s most valuable startup. Named one of YC Top Companies


An Inc. 500, Deloitte Technology Fast 500 company


A fintech startup backed by AngelList and Anthemis Group


The world's most trusted online giving platform


One of the largest providers of banking services to UK SMEs

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vetted engineers

How YouTeam works

Step 1: Talk to us

Launch the personalized matching process

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Set up a free intro call with our Team Advisor—your personal contact at YouTeam. They'll ensure the talent we source perfectly matches your needs.

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Step 2: Assess the candidates

Get matching talent in just 48 hours

Assess Step

YouTeam handpicks the best-matched candidates from its pool of over 25,000 engineers, conducts personalized pre-screening, then arranges interviews for you.

Step 3: Begin work ASAP

Get work started with confidence

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YouTeam automates contract signing and invoicing for you and the development companies, employers of your selected engineers. No commitments before this point.

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Our Benefits

Time-to-contract 1 week

With YouTeam, there's no need to slow down for recruitment.

Flexible, efficient scaling

Expand or reduce your remote team size on demand.

25,000+ engineers

Get access to vetted experts in web, mobile, Big Data, ML, IoT and more.

Dedicated support

Get a personal Customer Success Specialist.

Vetted talent

Save your time and focus by only reviewing the best candidates.

Long-term predictability

YouTeam engineers work with customers for 2 years on average.


Alex Chelmis

Alex Chelmis

Founder of TVC

“If you are looking to hire development contractors and you are afraid of the process, logistics, and other aspects, YouTeam will do that for you so you can focus on selecting the right person and making sure he is the right fit for your team/project. And if he is not, YouTeam is always there to support you for any changes needed.”

Tony Coyle

Tony Coyle

Software Architect of PS

“Access to programmers with a desired skill set — clear background information and references. Ability to build out a team really quickly without having to countenance building that team ourselves - especially useful for short periods or bursts of activity. Access to talent as our business needs grow or shrink without the normal staffing costs/management has been of great benefit.”

Anthony Griffin

Anthony Griffin

CEO of Bomvia

“We will definitely continue with them in the future. I’m so happy with their work that I’ve recommended them to my other company as well. There were no issues, it was really good. I gave a very loose brief, and the developer who worked for me had enough initiative to tighten it up by asking relevant questions. There was no messing around—it was done really well, with good, clean code.”

Akhil Lodha

Akhil Lodha

Co-Founder & CEO of Stratifi

“As a startup, we need to find the right talent at the right time. At the same time, being able to have some sort of flexibility guaranteed by YouTeam was valuable. Tapping into a pool beyond The Valley is extremely valuable. And then, on top of that, YouTeam has been very receptive and responsive, the customer success and support teams have also been exceptional.”

Rutul Dave

Rutul Dave

Co-Founder & CTO of Maxwell

“Every time YouTeam sends me a list of potential developers, I am confident that I can interview pretty much anybody and they will be a good candidate.”

Piers Karpinski

Piers Karpinski

Founder & CEO of Areobooks

“The decision to use YouTeam was made by comparing them directly to the other candidates. As soon as I started talking to them, YouTeam adopted a hands-on approach. Time-wise, YouTeam also performed well.”

Yoitsu Kamijo

Yoitsu Kamijo

Co-Founder of Pine Park

“I highly recommend this to any team that is looking to move fast. YouTeam has been very supportive and the engineers you get to work with for the price you pay are of very high quality. The engineers I have found through YouTeam are one of the best I have worked with so far.”

Florian Mott

Florian Mott

CEO and Co-Founder of Mything

“It's just much more convenient to find a small team. I talk to one person, get 5 hand-picked CVs, interview candidates, hire the best ones – and I’m done!”

James Withall

James Withall

CTO of Onapp

“YouTeam prioritizes flexibility and transparency. I know that they only work with the most trustworthy dev shops around.”

Valon Statovci

Valon Statovci

Founder of GC Covert Security

“Their people skills make them quite lovable. They’re very responsive. They’re also very competitive in pricing and are a lot cheaper than London firms. We started the project, and it became clear very quickly that the quality of work was very good.”

Rishi Mehta

Rishi Mehta

Managing Director of Kunai

“Compared to a dev shop, from YouTeam I get better talent and much faster. A dev shop might take a week or more to respond. From YouTeam, I would get a solution within a couple of days. And that's exactly what I need, it's more of the urgency than the cheapest resource.”

James Burkhardt

James Burkhardt

VP of Application Development of Odeko

“YouTeam was very quick and responsive. I was presented with great candidates in just days, which was fantastic for me because we were looking to move fast. They had experience working on similar projects to exactly what we needed.”

Mike Atkins

Mike Atkins

VP Digital Systems of INTO University

“We wanted to boost our capacity for a period of six to twelve months. I decided to get a shot with YouTeam is that in any other place I can't say that I'm looking for a team of 5 developers with the possibility to scale. Now I returned to them again - this time for the confidence. If somebody is on the YouTube platform, you know that they've met a certain threshold of customer satisfaction, they've got a history of successful work elsewhere.”

Tell us about your plans on a brief intro call and we’ll start the matching process.