Money-back, Mediation, Dispute Resolution


The Service Agreement is signed between the Customer (your company) and Contractors (development agencies-employers of your selected engineers).
YouTeam is authorized to act as an agent of the Contractors, e.g. for payments.

Secure Payment Services (Advance Payments)

YouTeam requires payment in advance for development services provided during each development period, which is typically equal to a month or a two-week sprint. Payment must be made to YouTeam's designated account before services are rendered.

Following the end of each development period, there’s a window of 5 business days within which the Customer shall review the results of the services provided and communicate objections as to the quality of those services (the so-called ‘objection period’). In the event the Customer fails to provide YouTeam with a written notification within the objection period, the services are deemed to be accepted by the Customer on the business day immediately following that period, thus enabling YouTeam to automatically release the funds:


Mediation procedure

Mediation and dispute resolution are the additional services that YouTeam provides to its users. Our goal is to help you resolve the dispute amicably, quickly and cost-effectively (without resorting to formal dispute resolution procedures or court procedures).

YouTeam Customer Success Manager assigned to each project free of charge acts as a project facilitator and mediator making sure that both sides are satisfied with the cooperation. Our managers are well versed in agile development principles and issues resolution and step in when something is a bit off communication or account management-wise. Mediation is a precursor to the dispute resolution procedure.

Dispute resolution procedure

If within the objection period the Customer is not satisfied with the quality of the work performed, they may request a money-back (applies to the money still held in YouTeam's designated account ONLY). Afterwards, the Contractor may either:

Agree and approve the refund request

If the Customer accepts the dispute, the funds will be released to the Contractor. If the Customer rejects the dispute, YouTeam's Customer Success Manage will provide assistance to both parties to try and resolve the issue.

Dispute the refund request

If the Contractor approves the refund or does not respond to our inquiry within 3 business days, the money in YouTeam's designated account will be refunded.

YouTeam encourages you to discuss and seek ways to resolve the disagreement directly, however, if you are unable to do so, our Customer Success Manager will conduct an independent assessment of facts and written documents (including by means of electronic communication) pertaining to the case in question and make a non-binding recommendation. If that recommendation is rejected, the final option is to proceed to arbitration or the court depending on the Service Agreement terms.

In order to assess the material aspects of the dispute, YouTeam uses and analyses the following:

  • Objections raised by the Customer and the supporting arguments
  • Contractor's response to the objections raised
  • Terms of the Service Agreement signed between the Contractor and the Customer and the invoices issued via YouTeam Platform pursuant to that Agreement
  • Email correspondence between the Contractor and the Customer provided by either or both parties to the Service Agreement.

In the event you decide to invoke the dispute resolution procedure, you will be requested to provide YouTeam with the aforementioned documents and materials. We may also ask both sides to conduct a (video) call with our Customer Success Specialist to go over the details of the issue and the documents provided.

While it is likely that the dispute will be resolved in favor of the Customer if there is a breach of contract terms, its warranties or the policies in place, money-back may not be awarded if the services provided do not conform to the intangibles values, vision and business purposes the Customer is pursuing.

Please be advised that according to the industry standards, all services and deliverables are provided by the contractors on an "as is" basis and without warranty of any type or any kind, including but not limited to any implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement of any third party rights.