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Billing & Payroll, EoR


The global employment platform for startups. $1000 Off Remote for Startups

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Oyster HR

Hire compliantly in over 150 countries w/out setting up a business entity and manage payroll and benefits from a single automated platform. Get 20% off ...

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Deel is a global hiring, HR and payroll in one system.

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Technical Skills Screening


Efficient engineering interviews that candidates love. Easily assemble, send and track assessments via git repos to get better hiring signal.

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Human-powered technical assessment that helps software companies hire experienced engineers while saving engineering time.

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Employee Benefits


Global health insurance to cover employees and contractors worldwide under a single plan. Use YouTeam's exclusive link for a 30% discount

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Global device management solution for remote and hybrid teams. 10% discount on our subscription plans for up to a year; code: youteamfriend10off

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Frequently asked questions

Why should I trust companies featured in YouTeam Ecosystem catalog?

The YouTeam Ecosystem catalog is a carefully curated list, born from our extensive experience in the market. It features only those companies that we know personally and would choose to work with ourselves. The catalog's purpose is to share our knowledge of great companies with the community of engineering managers, easing their decision-making process.

What are the requirements for getting into your catalog?

The primary requirement for being featured in our catalog is that your company should offer services or products valuable to engineering managers and development teams. If your company meets this criterion and can contribute positively to our ecosystem, we encourage you to apply and learn about the rest of the requirements.

Why should you partner with YouTeam?

Partnering with YouTeam offers numerous advantages including access to new channels and markets, providing higher value to your customers, and participating in joint growth efforts. Our partnership is designed to facilitate mutual development and success.

How does YouTeam onboard new partners?

To become a partner, start by submitting your inquiry through our online form above. Once received, our partnership team will conduct a pre-screening and then get in touch with you. After this initial contact, we will work together to finalize the partnership terms, completing your onboarding process.

How long does it take to be onboarded as a partner?

The onboarding process for becoming a partner with YouTeam typically takes between 2 to 4 weeks. This duration ensures that we can thoroughly assess and integrate new partners effectively.

Does my application guarantee that I'll become your partner?

Submitting an application does not guarantee a partnership with YouTeam. Our Partner Ecosystem aims to include the most trusted and reputable partners, either known to us personally or through their esteemed reputation. While not every company can be featured in our catalog, we are keen to learn about all interested parties and encourage you to apply.