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Opportunity is local. Talent is global

YouTeam is the premier marketplace for building and managing remote development teams.

We have created a two-sided platform that helps software outsourcing and outstaffing companies find trustworthy and reputable clients – US- and UK-based startups raising their seed to Series B funding rounds.

We are happy to count top-tier silicon valley companies among our clients, such as self-driving truck pioneers Starsky Robotics and fellow YC-alumnus Stratify, which raised $7 million for their smart investment product. We also work with some of the hottest UK startups, including JustGiving, Elements.cloud, and Tide Banking, to name a few.

Today, our partner network consists of 260+ IT companies located in Europe and South America. Together, they have published over 2000 talent profiles on YouTeam’s marketplace.

Why join YouTeam?

Get only professional pre-validated clients who return 95% of the time.
Use our escrow service and work risk-free.
Take advantage of a new and highly effective marketing channel for finding new customers — YouTeam’s marketplace.
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Who can apply?

We are always looking for IT outsourcing and outstaffing companies that meet the following criteria:

  • Your company has 3+ years of professional experience under the same brand name; 
  • You are comfortable with an outstaffing business model;
  • Your tech stack correlates with search requests on the YouTeam platform;
  • You have experience working with the US- or EU-based clients and the ability to provide testimonials, case studies, etc. upon request;
  • You have a team size of 50+ people;
  • Your company’s talent pool consists of mainly Mid-to-Senior and/or Senior developers that have directly communicated with clients in English during their previous engagements;
  • You are fine with allocating 75 to 120 mins per developer for taking online HackerRank CodeScreen assessment if required;
  • You can provide documents that may be requested during YouTeam’s due diligence procedures (for purposes of entity verification, identity verification, and bank account verification).

Please note that the final decision of whether an application should be approved or not is at the sole discretion of YouTeam.

YouTeam hereby reserves the right to reject your application and to restrict, suspend, or terminate your access to YouTeam Platform at any time, for any or no reason, with or without prior notice, and without liability.