Become a Partner at YouTeam

Opportunity is local. Talent is global

YouTeam is the only marketplace for setting up and managing offshore development teams.

It’s a two-sided platform which, on the one side, helps tech startups to hire pre-vetted developers, on the other, it helps outsourcing and outstaffing IT companies to find good clients in the US and the UK.

Their clients already include a number of top-tier Silicon Valley companies, such as self-driving trucks pioneers Starsky Robotics or one more YC-alumni Stratify that raised $7 million for their fin-tech product for smart investment decision-making. Among some of the hottest UK startups using the platform – JustGiving,, and Tide Banking, to name a few.

Today, YouTeam’s network consists of 300+ IT companies from Central and Eastern Europe, Latin America, and a number from Western Europe. They all together have onboarded more than 3000 developer profiles on YouTeam platform.

Why join YouTeam?

 Get only professional clients who return 50% of the time
 Work without risk thanks to our paid service
 Get an additional highly efficient marketing channel
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Join an exclusive network of 300+ software development firms and become a trusted technology partner of funded startups and scale-ups from the U.S. and the UK.

Who can apply?

Companies meeting the following criteria are eligible to join YouTeam:

– not less than 3 years of professional experience under the company’s umbrella in terms of an established management system and brand name;

– 50+ people on the company’s team;

– company’s tech stack correlating with the platform search queries;

– experience of working with the clients based in the US and EU.