Case study

Customer success story Cloosiv (now Odeko) + YouTeam

Cloosiv (now Odeko) + YouTeam
“We are looking for an Android dev right now. We are ideally looking for a full-time in-person hire but are open to hiring a contractor for the time being to help speed up some development right now.”
James Burkhardt

James Burkhardt

VP of Engineering @ Odeko (ex-CTO and co-founder of Cloosiv)

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Why did you decide to hire a remote dev team?

Finding local candidates was difficult and we wanted to expand our options for finding the skillsets we needed.

There are lots of options for hiring remote engineers. What made you choose YouTeam?

YouTeam was very quick and responsive. I was presented with great candidates in just days, which was fantastic for me because we were looking to move fast.

What made you decide to hire these particular developers?

They had experience working on similar projects to exactly what we needed. They also were very knowledgeable in their respective programming languages.

What’s the main value of YouTeam for you?

The ability to easily find developers with a high level of talent.

Cloosiv (now Odeko)


Food and Beverage, E-Commerce


Computer Software/ Mobile Application


Swift, Kotlin, Vue.js

Team structure

A mobile team (iOS + Android) and a Vue developer

Team location


Project 1 in numbers

Prospective project length

3.5 months

Actual project length

May 2020 — September 2020

Engineers hired


Time to start

2 weeks

Project 2 in numbers

Prospective project length

5+ months

Actual project length


Engineers hired


Time to start

2 weeks

13 May 2020

Cloosiv shares their project requirements with YouTeam on a call.

20 May 2020

Cloosiv conducts interviews with 2 potential development teams sourced by YouTeam.

26 May 2020

Formal contract signed with Cloosiv.

12 June 2020

Cloosiv starts interviewing for the position of a Vue developer for another project.

22 June 2020

Cloosiv hires a Vue developer through YouTeam.

18 August 2020

Cloosiv is acquired by Odeko (who recently received a $12M Series A) to build their new mobile ordering app.

September 2020

iOS and Android developers finish their work on the project they were hired for.


Cloosiv, now as Odeko, continues to collaborate with the Vue developer they hired through YouTeam.

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