How to Find the Best Ruby Developers for Outsourcing

Ruby outsourcing challenge is a well-known question for many entrepreneurs worldwide. Lack of specialists that are able to develop a high-level Ruby solution along with high prices for such kind of service force the USA and Western Europe companies to outsource their products to Eastern Europe and India. Outsourcing is really attractive and convenient: companies hire developers or the whole teams, pay a reasonable price, and get a perfect product that meets their requirements and expectations. But as always, it is not so easy to implement. And the first step towards successful fulfillment of the Ruby development mission is hiring the right employees.

Why is Ruby so popular?

Ruby is one of the most popular programming languages for the development of web projects. No matter what project it is for, great enterprise or uprising startup, Ruby can handle all of the issues. It has powerful capabilities for tasks related to the development of websites, games or apps, prototyping, administration, etc. NASA, Motorola, and many other industry leaders use Ruby to empower their business. Additionally, such services as Twitter, Airbnb, Slideshare are written in Ruby on Rails open-source framework.

There are 2 main reasons why software developers love Ruby:

  • It is simple and readable,
  • It allows for speedy development and simple deployment.

The point is only to find a person that knows what it means to code well and is responsible and communicative. We prepared some tips for your better understanding of how to find the best Ruby developers.

Hiring a Ruby specialist: 4 questions that need to be answered

Most of the companies that think about outsourcing Ruby development face 4 main questions. The expertise answers on these questions provide great help to entrepreneurs and make outsourcing a piece of cake.

#1 What are Ruby developers responsible for?

The very first step to hiring the right person is building an accurate image of what actually this expert can do for your project.  

Task 1. New features development

Whether you need a website built from scratch or just a couple of new features added, real Ruby dev can do this for you.

Task 2. Making sure the idea works

Implementation of new features is never enough if they work wrong. Ruby professional is able not only to write a line of code but also to test it properly and make sure that everything works.

Task 3. Taking care of UX

An experienced Ruby developer can easily get your website user experience to a brand new level. By making it smooth and seamless they make an amazing contribution to your website improvement.

#2 Where to find skilled Ruby developers?

Making a decision about Ruby outsourcing company should make a number of decisions that will affect where and on what terms it will seek and hire an outsourced Ruby developer.

Start from deciding on the number of developers. If you need a development team, it is more convenient to contact an outsourcing company but for hiring a single developer a freelance portal or tech forums might be suitable options.

As Ruby/Rails is an open-source technology, it gathered a large community of contributors. These guys visit Ruby on Rails Talk forum, Ruby forum, Meta Ruby, or many other dedicated resources to discuss news, tendencies, and ideas. Communication and collaboration of the developers make the Ruby even more powerful.

Of course, Stack Overflow dispense without the Ruby community. The statistics even show that tag rubyonrails is the most frequently used one.

Lots of Ruby beginners spend time at Code School or Skillshare. But hiring a beginner can be tricky: even if one has passed the tests and proved the knowledge, even if one’s work costs less in comparison to the experienced developer, there are still some risks. It is recommended to make sure that the tech team would be able to help the newcomer in case of necessity and check one’s code.

Nowadays, lots of web platforms for hiring appear. Additionally to freelance platforms, possibilities to hire the whole team or build cooperation with foreign development companies — offshore ruby development outsourcing — are more and more popular. By defining your needs and preferences carefully, you will be able to choose between these options.

Understand, would you like to hire a Ruby developer who will be dedicated to your company or just someone who can help you with your tasks from time to time. Freelancers, who are usually running a few projects at the same time, are a good option in the second case, and rarely in the first one.

Truly answer whether you are able to manage developers from different time zones and cultures, or it’s important for you to work with neighbors. This will affect the type of outsourcing company you can choose nearshore or offshore outsourcing.

Evaluate how much time are you ready to devote to your candidates’ searches. If you are not ready to dig deep and verify the trustworthiness of companies that offer Ruby development outsourcing services, then it is better to give your preference to the hiring platforms and marketplaces.  They do a partners’ vetting before featuring them on the website. The reputation of these platforms depends on the quality of their partners. So you can find a reliable contractor for Ruby outsourcing with less hustle.

#3 What to pay attention to before offering a job?

Your final decision should be made after you have seen the developer’s resume, portfolio, code examples, and conducted an interview with them. If you are a non-technical specialist, it’d be great if your company’s technical expert helped you handle this all. 

Apart from professional skills, it’s also very important to make sure that a candidate will fit your team as a person. To help in screening developers’ soft skills YouTeam collected a list of questions for remote developer interviews. This tool can be also handy in case of hiring outsourced ruby developer because allows assessing remote-readiness of the candidate.

#4 How to engage a Ruby developer?

Lots of companies literally fight for skilled developers. So if you found and hired a specialist, do not let one go. Take into consideration such an important fact: software development takes time. If you are expecting a high-quality solution, give your development team some time and space.

Of course, the developer’s salary slightly higher than the market medium along with some pleasant benefits like insurance would add some points to your potential success. And if you begin to work with an outsourced Ruby developer employed by a dev shop, the list of such benefits automatically expands to official employment, vacation management, paid sick leave, equipped workstation, etc. In other words, your developer will be provided with all the necessary support to do your tasks without distractions. And you don’t have to worry about anything because an outsourcing partner will do everything for you.

The Bottom Line

The one who tries to find the good solution always finds it. The one who has the willingness to find a perfect development team would get the perfect software solution in the future. We believe that our brief description of Ruby developer’s role and short tips on what to pay attention to will be of great help to you in searching for the skilled Ruby outsourcing experts.

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