Vetting Process


YouTeam’s vetting process combines careful selection of partners with leveraging their own recruitment & screening capabilities. The result is that your risk of hiring the wrong person is almost eliminated – as it is on, say, ТоpТаl, while the rates remain reasonable – as on, say UрWork ;-). 

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Handpicked Agencies

YouTeam’s network is invitation only. We proactively search for best agencies in every geography and domain. The selection criteria are proven track record, reviews from past clients and employees, external ratings (Clutch, UpWork, etc.), a proper focus on their core expertise, company history, size and many more.


Due Diligence

Before extending the invitation to our talent pool, we examine each candidate agency carefully. We usually have 3-5 Skype calls with the agency before a contract is signed. Whenever possible we visit their onsite premises to check the engineers’ working conditions and company culture. In addition to this, we carefully examine their legal documentation (IP, Confidentiality, etc.), HR policy, management practices, as well as the personal attitudes of top management.


Candidates Screening

Unlike freelancers, all engineers and designers at YouTeam platform have passed a thorough multi-stage screening process conducted by the HR departments of our partner vendors. Top software and design agencies that we work with are very serious about vetting job candidates, because they understand very well that finding, hiring and retaining top talent is at the core of their business.


Interviews, test assignments and code reviews

At YouTeam, we’re keen to make your experience of renting tech talent as similar as possible to making an in-house hire. Our manager will arrange tech interviews with the chosen candidates, help you to pick tech assignments for them (we use services like Codewars or HackerRank for this purpose) or request code samples for your review. We can also organise an onsite interview to be conducted by our trusted tech lead upon your appointment.


Perfect track record

YouTeam pursues a zero-tolerance policy towards any sub-par performance of vendors. Any mismatch between the advertised skills and actual performance of an engineer will automatically result with the responsible vendor being banned from the platform forever, a full refund for the last invoicing period (typically a fortnight) and a 72-hour replacement of the engineer with equal or stronger talent at our own cost.

As a result:
95% of YouTeam clients come back
over 50% of them grow their teams further
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