Our Vetting Process YouTeam combines a worldwide network of top-quality engineers with an exhaustive vetting process that leaves no stone unturned. The result? Quality you can trust, every time. Here’s how we do it:
1. Handpicked Agencies YouTeam only works with development agencies, not individual freelancers. This ensures that you get:
  • • Career engineers with experience at top brands in many industries
  • • Co-located teams who know how to work together
  • • Onsite managers to take care of scheduling and deadlines
2. Due Diligence When we are vetting a potential partner agency, we leave nothing to chance. We start by meeting with the agency’s representatives, including CEO, CFO, PMs, and other top roles. Meanwhile, our legal team runs their own compliance checks into the agency’s background and previous clients.
3. Candidates Screening YouTeam’s engineers pass a multi-stage screening process conducted first by the HR departments of our partner agencies, and then by YouTeam. Our talent is our business, so we take it seriously.
4. Interviews, test assignments and code reviews We don’t work with any talent we wouldn’t hire ourselves. That’s why we personally interview every engineer on the platform and verify their skills with HackerRank for Work — the industry standard for assessing developer skill levels.
5. Perfect track record YouTeam exercises a zero-tolerance policy regarding inferior performance by our partner agencies. Any mismatch between the advertised skills and real performance results in an immediate and permanent ban of the partner agency.
The result?
95% of YouTeam’s clients come back
50% Decide to scale with YouTeam
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