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Customer success story eqtble + YouTeam

eqtble + YouTeam
"YouTeam was able to deliver a qualified team of five engineers with direct experience in our tech stack."
Ethan Veres

Ethan Veres

Co-Founder and CTO at eqtble (YC W21)

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Why did you decide to hire a remote dev team of contractors?

As an early-stage startup, we wanted to release our initial product quickly, but hiring full-time engineers is a long process. Instead, we decided to hire contractors to get the ball rolling quickly.

There are numerous options for hiring remote engineers. What made you choose YouTeam?

I had many different options on my board, but Y Combinator recommended YouTeam. YouTeam bonds with my business because they speedily find and contract engineers, and their claims of incredibly high quality have proven to be true. The whole experience was more seamless compared to many other companies that I had tried.

Was hiring speed a decisive factor for choosing YouTeam?

Speed was the main factor for us!

What made you decide to hire these particular developers?

Perfect overlap with our existing technology stack.

What’s the most valuable aspect of YouTeam for you?

Finding good engineering contractors is hard. YouTeam made it seamless. We started with a few engineers from YouTeam, and the entire process, from sourcing to contracts, has been fantastic!

Would you ask YouTeam to source candidates for your projects again if there was a need?

Yes, and I highly recommend this service.





Computer Software


Python, ReactJS, Typescript, JavaScript, Django, AWS

Team structure

Full-stack, front-end, and back-end engineers, tech lead

Team location


Project in numbers

Prospective project length

6 months

Actual project length

October 2021–April 2022

Engineers hired


Time to start

2 weeks

17 June 2021

eqtble raises $2.7M in funding from a seed round

15 September 2021

The first call with YouTeam where the client presents their hiring plans

17 September 2021

Developers’ profiles presented to the client

20 September 2021

Two more engineers added to the initial client’s request

11 October 2021

Contract signed, five engineers join the eqtble team

April 2022

The tech team completed the development process. The product launched.

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