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Customer success story Matterway + YouTeam

Matterway + YouTeam
"We actually ended up scheduling two interviews out of the three candidates and are quite happy with their profiles—a good mix of experience...with both front-end and back-end technologies (the ones that are relevant to us). Do you happen to have more of them? We may have more demand soon."
Soeren Munke

Soeren Munke

Head of Go-to-Market & Chief Of Staff at Matterway

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Why did you decide to hire a remote dev team of contractors?

We had an urgent need for dev talent and were not able to hire quickly enough locally.

There are many options for hiring remote engineers. What made you choose YouTeam?

YouTeam has been an excellent partner in helping me build a team of six developers within only 2-3 months. They clearly differentiate themselves from individual agencies, as well as other ‘platforms/marketplaces’ in terms of a) the speed with which they deliver profiles (24h), b) the number of profiles they deliver (up to 10 in each batch), the quality and professionalism with which they handle requests (super professional and a can-do mentality).

Was hiring speed a decisive factor for you when choosing YouTeam?

Initially, when we started our collaboration with YouTeam, it was key to hire the first two developers as quickly as possible. Later, as we were able to plan ahead, speed was less of a factor, but we continued to appreciate the speedy collaboration with YouTeam.

What made you decide to hire these particular developers?

Good tech stack and experience for our needs.

What were YouTeam’s most valuable qualities for you?

I was able to build a team of six devs within just a few weeks. They helped me get a very quick overview of the quality & quantity of devs available, for the profile I was looking for and finetune the recruiting process. The speed and exhaustiveness with which I was able to do that would not have been possible with any other provider.

Would you ask YouTeam to source candidates for your projects again if there was a need?

Yes, we have sent, and continue to send, new requests to YouTeam quite often.



IT, Enterprise low-code


Computer Software


ReactJS, TypeScript, NodeJS

Team structure

Full-stack engineers

Team location


Project in numbers

Prospective project length

5 months with prolongation

Actual project length

July 2021–today

Engineers hired


Time to start

1 month

30 June 2021

Matterway and YouTeam had an intro call

5 July 2021

The first candidates were presented to the client — the selection process has begun

21 July 2021

Client shares hiring plans for more developers

26 July 2021

The first contract signed

3 August 2021

Right after the onboarding of the first developers, Matterway requested more engineers; new profiles were sourced the same day

3 September 2021

New developers were added to the team

October 2022

Two engineers — front-end and full-stack — have started their work on the project

November 2022

Front-end developer from Ukraine joins Matterway’s team by request


Matterway continues the cooperation with a team of six developers

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