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IND + YouTeam
"Our priorities are 1) Scala/full stack Mid/Senior, 2) Data Engineer (Python, DBs, SQL), and 3) Front End (JS, with Vue if possible). From the timezone perspective, we optimally would like to be better aligned with EST (e.g., South America), but definitely open to Europe and surrounding areas."
Craig Stanley

Craig Stanley

VP of Data Strategy and Technical Operations IND

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Why did you decide to hire a remote dev team of contractors?

It’s not something new for me. I had experience working with both on- and offshore contractors from Ukraine, Germany, India, and the US with my previous teams. So, outsourcing agencies became my go-to solution for contracting engineers.

When bringing the contractors to the team, my goal is to hyper-focus on a single thing or a single area. They need to be able to deliver whether it is one feature or multiple features.

Was hiring speed a decisive factor for you when choosing YouTeam?

I’m not sure if hiring speed was a decisive factor, but I like that we move much faster with the YouTeam.

Before we worked with outsourcing agencies, the hiring process was slow. With YouTeam, I just write to my customer success manager, “Hey, I need a Data Engineer ”. I give her five bullet points with criteria and specify the location. She gets back to me within a day or two with the candidates I’m quite often ready to hire.

What made you decide to hire these particular developers?

I’m not spending much time picking contractors. Instead, I keep the interview short: 15-30 minutes maximum, and ask questions mainly about the developer’s stack. Sometimes one of my engineers also meets with the candidates.

I don’t invest too much time in this because in every contract I sign, I want to have a probation period—if something is not working well, we’ll part within 30 days.

Today, 80% of our tech team are contractors hired via YouTeam, and that’s the only contractors we’re working with today.  We have worked with some of them for more than a year.

One more reason for selecting these devs was cost efficiency. 

For senior offshore engineers from YouTeam, we pay what would be junior to middle-level prices in the US. Back then, in 2021, when we started our cooperation, I couldn’t, and still can’t, find anyone with similar skills and productivity levels in the US for this price.

What were YouTeam’s most valuable qualities for you?

What’s unique about YouTeam is the versatility of where do contractors come from. And to use all the benefits of this vast network, I needed to build a relationship only with one person — my customer success manager. Our relationship is pretty candid, and we understand each other. So when I want something, I can just pinpoint it, and she finds me candidates — pretty spot on most of the time.

In a sense, YouTeam is like HR for us. Our customer success manager sources the candidates and speaks with the agencies when I’m unhappy with the contractor — she helps to facilitate communication. It takes a level of pressure off of me, knowing she’s fighting for me, not the other way around when you work directly with an agency. It’s almost like hiring an HR recruiter, but not.

And our CFO loves YouTeam because of the billing process. We have contractors from five different agencies. In any other case, we would have five different agencies, five different systems, and five different places to get invoices. But with YouTeam, it’s a singular entity to deal with and a singular process.

Would you ask YouTeam to source candidates for your projects again if needed? Or would you recommend YouTeam?

Right now if I had to get another contractor I wouldn’t go anywhere else but YouTeam. We’ve molded and honed our relationship over the last year.

I’ve also talked about YouTeam with a couple of my peers. When I explain to people how easy it is, I tell them to imagine a concierge desk for all their contracting needs. Honestly, I really like the YouTeam model.



Healthcare, Research Services


Computer software


Python, Scala, VueJS, AWS

Team structure

two Scala back-end engineers, front-end VueJS developer, two back-end data engineers, AWS Cloud DevOps

Team location

Uruguay, Ukraine, Columbia, Mexico

Project in numbers

Prospective project length

1+ year

Actual project length

July 2021 — present

Engineers hired


Time to start

20 days

15 July 2021

The client holds the first call with YouTeam’s Team Advisor.

23 July 2021

The first interviews are conducted with selected developers, just a week after the initial call.

4 and 5 August 2021

Two contracts are signed, front-end and back-end engineers joined the client’s tech team.

31 August 2021

 By the end of the first month, the client selected one more back-end developer.

September 2021

On the client’s request, AWS Cloud DevOps and Python Data engineer from LatAm were added to the team.

November 2021

A Ukrainian Back-end Data engineer joins the project.

6 January 2022

A Back-end engineer is the first hire in 2022.

February 2022

A new Python Data Engineer joins the IND’s team.

March 2022

After a break, client renews previous cooperation with the DevOps from Ukraine and hires one more from LatAm. A Back-end engineer joins the team during the same month.

June 2022

IND renews cooperation with a Front-end developer.

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