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Customer success story VAS + YouTeam

VAS + YouTeam
"Can you send me your hourly rates for Software Engineers in Latin America again?”
Miguel Duran

Miguel Duran

VP of Software Engineering and Infrastructure at VAS

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Why did you decide to hire remote development contractors?

It allows us to grow the team quickly as projects ramp up.

What value do these particular contractors deliver to the project?

Software engineering talent to get critical business functionality completed.

What do you value most about YouTeam?

The skills they bring to the table. We have talented Engineers that joined our team from YouTeam.

Would you ask YouTeam to source candidates for your projects again if there was a need?



Dairy Product Manufacturing


Computer software and mobile application


React, .Net, C#, Android, HTML, CSS, Xamarin

Team structure

10 developers, 3 QA engineers, 1 UX/UI designer

Team location


Project in numbers

Prospective project length

1 year +

Actual project length

July, 2021 — today

Engineers hired


Time to start

1,5 months

26 May 2021

Client contacted YouTeam

4 June 2021

Developers presented to the client

6 July 2021

Contract signed — the first .Net and Xamarin developers become part of VAS’s dev team

22 July 2021

UX/UI designer and Senior C# developer were added to the team on request

30 July 2021

HTML5/CSS developer joins the team

August 2021

Two middle QA manual engineers were selected for testing services

September 2021

An Android mobile developer and two senior front-end developers (React) were hired

October 2021

A front-end and QA engineers were selected as new tech team members

November 2021

The second Android mobile developer and a new front-end engineer were signed

February 2022

a front-end engineer strengthens the VAS tech team


Cooperation continues

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